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We love communicating with our parents!  

Our center uses the Tadpoles system so you receive updates and photos throughout the day of your child playing and learning.  You'll be ready to ask all about their day when you pick up your child!

To provide a quality early childhood educational environment that is warm, clean, and secure. 

Our Goals:

To provide an atmosphere that allows children to learn through safe exploration of their environment while gaining social, emotional, language, and academic skills through loving interaction and guidance with teachers, parents, and positive social interaction from one another.

To provide the highest quality child care for the community in an enriching, developmentally age appropriate environment that supports the family, respects the individual child, builds character, and promotes a positive attitude toward one’s self and learning;  


Children's Castle is family owned and operated. Our Owners are on-site daily and are committed to provide the highest quality early childhood experience for children and parents in our community.


Our philosophy is based on the belief that the early years of a child’s life sets the stage for development in later years.  During these early years a child is interested in play.  We, at Children’s Castle, take this natural opportunity to teach children through their play. 


In order to achieve our goal we believe a child’s environment must be arranged to enhance their curiosity and interest in their surroundings while they are playing.  In doing so, this will allow each child to learn with guidance and stimulating interaction from teachers.  This provides a solid foundation for a child to grow and feel secure in exploring their curiosity of the surrounding world. 


Our environment creates this foundation by providing safe exploration, encouraging children to discover, allowing children to make decisions and choices, think creatively, and to learn while they are at play.

In doing so, children will be able to grow and learn at their own developmental pace.  They will be given positive guidance to easily obtain and exceed specific goals.  Each child will be educationally encouraged and stimulated daily to participate in guided individual activity, free play, and group activities, but will always be allowed alternative choices.

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