Infants & Waddlers: 6 Weeks to 16 Months

We believe every moment of an infant’s day offers opportunities for growth and development. In our Infant and Waddler classrooms we use the High Reach “Bright Baby” Curriculum in order to maximize each baby’s experience. We offer sign language, expand on social and emotional growth, physical development, language skills, sensory development and even baby yoga! Sunshine, fresh air, and outdoor play activities are also part of our everyday learning.

Outdoor play, as well as sensory activities, is a part of our everyday learning. We have frequent toy rotation and sanitize toys on demand as well as at the end of each day.  Infants have their own assigned crib. We provide all meals: formula, cereal, baby food, solids, etc. and we ask that parents supply diapers, wipes and a change of clothing.


As a basic evaluation for all children we use the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). These questionnaires are completed at the time of enrollment, and then semi-annually for each child. They are completed by our teachers, scored, and then sent home with parents for verification.  Any child scoring in a “monitor” or “below” category will be given activities focused on improving skills in the concerned area and re-evaluated in 2 months.  If re-evaluation still results in cause for concern, with parents permission, the child’s scores will be entered into a referral system.  For further information in regards to the assessment tool, please click here.

As well as offering these interactions, our main goals are for our babies to:


Establish trust:  ​​Each infant is assigned a primary caregiver (PCG) who will center her day on the needs of your baby. By having a PCG, this allows toddlers to develop social and emotional security by always being with someone they are familiar with. This PCG will be the main teacher changing, feeding, rocking, playing, and interacting with your baby.  Your baby will also notice familiar faces of themselves and family members throughout our classroom.  This establishes a connection from baby’s home to their care environment.

Encourage Language: Our caregivers constantly talk to our babies by explaining their actions and describing what is going on around them.  We repeat sounds babies make as well as constantly name objects within their world. This teaches infants a sense of cause and effect, establishes the idea that we use language to communicate, as well allows them to become familiar with words and meanings.

Tackle Small and Large Motor Tasks:  With young infants, this begins by focusing on small motor task.  Our caregivers will hold and dangle toys in front of our babies and encourage them to focus, reach, grasp, mouth and shake toys & rattles. As babies grow and develop our caregivers encourage large motor skills like rolling over, sitting up, crawling, pulling up and eventually walking and running.  Our curriculum is designed with activities to engage the babies and prompt them towards these skills.