School Age: 5 to 12 Year Olds

Children’s Castle offers a full summer program, an after school program, and teacher workday / holiday care for children ages 5 – 12 years. We provide transportation to area elementary schools such as Bonsack, Colonial, Round Hill, Monterey, Preston Park, Herman L. Horne, Cloverdale Elementary, W.E. Cundiff Elementary, Fallon Park, Parkway, Troutville Elementary, Greenfield and Roanoke Catholic School.


Children’s Castle also transports children on field trips during our summer camp program.

Our school age program is designed to allow children a world in which they can experience competence.  Our classroom offers a variety of social and academic experiences for mixed ages.  The classroom is set up to promote a neighborhood type environment, which is similar to the natural play groupings that develop at home.  Mixed-age groupings allow older children opportunities to develop initiative and responsibility, while allowing younger children the opportunity to experience and observe more mature social and linguistic competence.  Research on cooperative learning and peer tutoring suggest that interaction between children with greater and lesser abilities benefits all, both academically and socially. 


While allowing for mixed age groups, our school age classroom is filled with centers and activities that support children in their quest to learn new skills.  Our environment gives children time, space, materials, and opportunities to practice the skills they are learning.  We have centers for creative reading and writing, for math, manipulatives, and games, for science, for dramatic play, and for listening.  Children are allowed to make choices on what centers interest them, which allows for development of positive feelings about learning.

“The time between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. represents approximately 20% of a young school-child’s waking hours; it is valuable time that can be used productively for enriching experiences, learning social skills, developing or pursuing special interests, or just being six years old, seven, or ten.”

(Alexander, 1986, p.7) 

Children have many choices available such as outdoor play, arts and crafts, games, cooking and other self-help skills, exploring hobbies, or dramatic play.  They have the opportunity and space to run, jump, climb, yell, laugh, and have physical and emotional release.  Assistance on assignments and a designated homework / study period is provided after children have had a chance to relax and refresh themselves from their day of work.


We, at Children’s Castle, strive to promote fun social experiences and learning before and after school and also during our summer program.  Our summer camp program is filled with a mixture of daily field trips to local attractions such as skating, bowling, movies, parks, ice cream parlor’s, putt-putt, zoo’s, safari’s and many more activities children enjoy.  While at the center, children are immersed in organized games, arts and crafts as well as free time to socialize and interact with their peers.


We offer before school, after school, teacher work-day, holiday, snow day and summer care.  A morning and afternoon snack is provided, however we ask that children bring a packed lunch for full day care.